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WP Watercooler – Podcast

WP Watercooler podcast icon

Today I did something different and participated in my first WordPress-oriented podcast the WP Watercooler. (I have a leaky toilet to thank for that, otherwise I’m usually at the office when this one records.)

It was a lot of fun and was on a topic that I’m really interested in at the moment – business-oriented themes for WordPress. The best thing about WP Watercooler is that it is quick and punctual and only 30 minutes. Have a listen!

WordPress Fargo – Event

WordPress logo

I’ve gone and done it. I said I would.

At WordCamp Phoenix I talked with several people regarding their local WordPress groups and pined for one in my area. So, true to my nature, I’ve gone and created one myself. So today is the birth of the WordPress Fargo group. We’ll see how this goes.

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