Johnny Winter – Review

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Johnny Winter is a legendary blues guitarist whose career has spanned decades, generations even. He’s (okay, probably his people) put together an iPad app that is geared for both his fans and musicians. It’s got a few nigglings but overall is pretty impressive.

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And You Thought I Just Did Tech

In case you thought all I did was tech stuff and motorcycles, here’s a blog post I put together as a ghost writer on something completely different. Click the link to find out what it might be on.

I dare you.

Ticketmaster – Review

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Ticketmaster. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re hard to avoid if you want to take in a concert, sporting event, or other type of live entertainment. Their iOS app makes it easy to find and buy tickets for anything that’s under the Ticketmaster purview. Read more

Event Apps – Podcast

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In this week’s episode of Apptastic Reviewers, we look at Event Apps. These apps focus on events such as concerts, conferences, meetings, or parties. Julie’s picks included Eventbrite (free), Ticketmaster (free), CamCard ($2.99); while Sara’s picks were  Meetup (free), Party & Event Planner (Lite) (Free/$1.99).

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Looper – Podcast

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On this week’s episode of SciFi Tech Talk, Mike, Jeff, and myself talk about the recent movie Looper. This one’s another mind bender of time travel paradoxes. Did we manage to sort it out properly? Leave a comment and tell us what you made of the ending!