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Mimobot USB Flash Drive: Picard — Review

I got a chance to review the ultra-cool Picard flash drive my Mimobot for This is not just another boring flash drive, because, well, DUH!!! — it’s Jean-Luc Picard!!!

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Genius SP-U115 USB Speakers – Review

Photo of Genius SP-U115 speakers box

I reviewed a pair of inexpensive USB speakers for the website. These speakers are a great example of you get what you pay for. But if you need a pair of cheap, knockabout speakers, you can do worse than these.

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Johnny Winter – Review

Johnny Winter app icon

Johnny Winter is a legendary blues guitarist whose career has spanned decades, generations even. He’s (okay, probably his people) put together an iPad app that is geared for both his fans and musicians. It’s got a few nigglings but overall is pretty impressive.

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Ticketmaster – Review

Ticketmaster app icon

Ticketmaster. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re hard to avoid if you want to take in a concert, sporting event, or other type of live entertainment. Their iOS app makes it easy to find and buy tickets for anything that’s under the Ticketmaster purview. Read more

Zillow Mortgage Calculator – Review

Zillow Mortgage Calculator icon

Zillow Mortgage Calculator is a full-featured calucluator that is very handy when in the market for a home loan. It has features specific to mortgage loans, which makes it far more useful than a generic loan calculator, including a graph of market rates and affordability and refinance calculators in addition to the basic loan.

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