Mimobot USB Flash Drive: Picard — Review

I got a chance to review the ultra-cool Picard flash drive my Mimobot for MyMac.com. This is not just another boring flash drive, because, well, DUH!!! — it’s Jean-Luc Picard!!!

Check out the full review over at MyMac.com.

Genius SP-U115 USB Speakers – Review

Photo of Genius SP-U115 speakers box

I reviewed a pair of inexpensive USB speakers for the MyMac.com website. These speakers are a great example of you get what you pay for. But if you need a pair of cheap, knockabout speakers, you can do worse than these.

Check out the full review.

Rule 34 – Podcast

SciFi Tech Talk podcast logo

This week on SciFi Tech Talk we discussed the book Rule 34 by Charles Stross. It’s a book set in the not-too-distant future with a lot of tech and topics that are straight out of today’s headlines.

And it was briefly feared that we had failed to mention Star Trek in this episode, but I believe it was Jeff that saved the day!

Listen in!

WP Watercooler – Podcast

WP Watercooler podcast icon

Today I did something different and participated in my first WordPress-oriented podcast the WP Watercooler. (I have a leaky toilet to thank for that, otherwise I’m usually at the office when this one records.)

It was a lot of fun and was on a topic that I’m really interested in at the moment – business-oriented themes for WordPress. The best thing about WP Watercooler is that it is quick and punctual and only 30 minutes. Have a listen!

Men in Black – Podcast

SciFi Tech Talk podcast logo

On this week’s episode of SciFi Tech Talk, we lighten up a bit. Mike, Jeff, and I talk about the 1997 movie Men in Black. A classic in sci-fi comedy that still holds up well today and is surprisingly current.

Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite part of the show was (maybe an alien? a quote?).